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Wooden profiles IV90

Since 2004, we have been manufacturing wooden and wooden-aluminium windows, balcony and entrance doors, patio doors with sliding opening according to German technology with German equipment. We work with three profiles: IV68 (for a single-chamber glass package), IV78 and IV90 for two-chamber glass packages. Window headers from pine, larch, meranti, oak are bought in Germany. Window fittings are German, ROTO. To protect and finish wooden surfaces, we use acrylic water-soluble paint systems from the German company REMMERS and the Finnish company TEKNOS. For sliding and folding terrace doors, we use the fittings ROTO Patio S/Z, Patio Alversa, Patio Fold, Patio Life
In wooden and aluminium windows, the outer side of the windows is additionally covered by Holz Plus profiles from the German manufacturer BUG.
Entrance doors are only wooden, without aluminium. It is possible to produce balcony and entrance doors with aluminium threshold.

In the IV68 windows, we insert a single-chamber double-glazed window with a thickness of 24 or 30 mm. The thermal conductivity coefficient for such a double-glazed window Ug is 1.1W/(K*m2). The thermal conductivity coefficient for the complete product Uw for such windows is within the range of 1.3-1.5, depending on the configuration of the window and its size.

In the IV78 windows, we insert a two-chamber double-glazed window with a thickness of 40 mm: Ug = 0.6W/(K*m2), Uw = 1.1-1.3 W/(K*m2).

In the IV90 windows, we insert a double-chamber double-glazed window with a thickness of 52 mm. Ug = 0.5W/(K*m2), Uw = 0.9-1.1 W/(K*m2). Our window calculation software determines the calculated thermal conductivity coefficient for each window; it is indicated in the specifications. Noise suppression for windows with basic double-glazed windows is 32 dB. Double-glazed windows with triplex glasses can increase the noise suppression to 45 dB.

Scarica Wooden profiles IV90

Noise suppression32 dB - 45 dB
Single-pane glass unit thickness52 mm
Thermal conductivity coefficientUg = 0.5W/(K*m2), Uw = 0.9-1.1 W/(K*m2)
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