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Vertically sliding wooden window

This is one of the most popular types of windows in England. In windows of this type, the wings vertically move up and down. This simplifies the washing of windows and the ventilation of premises and, equipping the windows with an opening limiter, makes them safe. As a standard, these windows include two sliding wings, but we also offer a solution with a fixed upper wing. 

We offer a ventilation system built into the window frame, which will provide air exchange in the room without opening the window.

More modern technological solutions allow combining the classic design of windows with safety, heat and sound insulation indicators that meet modern requirements. 

The window frame can be completely or partially made of meranti or accoya wood, which is distinguished by high resistance to deformation and moisture in the long-term perspective.

A wide range of fittings and decorative elements will allow giving the windows design an additional accent or approximating their appearance to the historical original.

For window finishing, we offer high quality Remmers or Sigma paints and varnishes from RAL and NCS catalogues.
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