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Historical wooden windows

When making copies of historical windows, we offer a safe solution for windows and a system of hinges in a wide range, combining decorative elements and the design of original windows with modern technologies, improving the thermal efficiency, durability and safety of windows.

We offer to choose windows made of laminated solid wood or timber with finger joints. A wide selection of handles, decors and colors allows you adapting these windows with any architecture and making them as similar as possible to the original. In addition, these windows have thermal efficiency, which meets modern requirements.

We are proud of many years of experience and a number of projects, making historical windows, which are so characteristic of Latvia and other countries.

We can make historical windows of any shape and size, adapting them to the needs of each particular project. Windows can be rectangular, triangular, round or any other shape. They can be openable and non-openable. 

Historical windows can be varnished or painted in colors and shades corresponding to the interior while preserving the original wooden texture. The design can be chosen according to the individual requirements and wishes of the customer.
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