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Metal door RL-20

Rigas Logi offers high-quality metal doors of its own production.

Metal doors have important characteristics, namely, they differ in burglar-proof and strength. In addition, thanks to a special coating, they are resistant to corrosion, which significantly increases the durability of the door leaf. Therefore, such doors have become a worthy alternative to traditional wooden structures and are becoming more popular. Metal doors provide good sound and heat insulation. In this case, the metal is resistant to high temperature changes, as well as to ultraviolet and mechanical damages.

The thickness of the door's metal from Rīgas Logi depends on the wishes and needs of the customer. The cost of the door varies according to the request. For example, a 1.5 mm door of 900х2010 mm with a drop, primer and film, as well as two locks (one of which is spider-type lock) will cost EUR 220.
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