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Schüco Façade FWS 50.SI Green

Unlimited design options for the Schüco FWS 50.SI Green façade for the highest demands in terms of sustainability

Buildings consume about 40% of the energy generated worldwide. The construction and utilisation of buildings are also the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions. The building sector offers twice as much potential for cutting CO2 emissions as the transport sector. Governments respond to this with stringent regulations for the construction sector. While clients and architects demand new, ecologically sound products, governments are responding with stricter regulations. Schüco is aware of its responsibility to the environment and, for decades, has developed products and systems for the building envelope, which contribute to environmental and climate protection.

Schüco sets a new standard for the market with its system enhancement: Schüco FWS 50.SI Green façade. The façade system integrates building components such as gaskets or pressure plates with renewable raw materials with the same technical and structural system properties as in the basic Schüco FWS 50.SI system. Its special feature is the extraordinarily good thermal insulation, which allows for façade constructions to passive house standard.

Scarica Schüco Façade FWS 50.SI Green

Min. face width50 mm
Max. glass/panel thickness80 mm
Max. weight1080 kg
Surface finishesPowder, Anodised, Paint
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